Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trent Keegan's Anniversary

It's almost a year now since our great friend and colleague, Trent Keegan was taken from us. But we still don't know, and possibly never will know, who was responsible for his death.

Understandably, the expressions of disbelief and shock that swamped the Internet immediately after his death have since died down. But that does not mean we have forgotten. There are still some who are fighting his cause, and trying to get to the bottom of the case he was trying to uncover.

As you will be aware, there are still many questions which so far remain unanswered about the possibility that Trent was murdered in connection with a major story he was trying to investigate - a dispute between local Maasai herdsmen in the Sukenya region of Tanzania and Thomson Safari company from Boston in the US.

·         Why was it that Trent’s laptop and camera were among the only items stolen (and never recovered), while his passport, cash and Visa cards were left behind by his murderers?

·         How come Thomson Safaris appear to have accessed personal files from Trent’s laptop (and mine), which were given to the local District Commissioner in Loliondo, Tanzania, by Thomson’s local manager? Presumably the only ones with access to Trent’s files at present are those who stole his laptop when he was murdered.

·         Why have the District Commissioner in Loliondo, or the police in Nairobi not investigated this further, despite being informed of a possible link between the files and the people who stole Trent’s laptop?

·         And lastly, why have the Irish or New Zealand governments not held their own independent post-mortem enquiries into Trent’s death.

It seems the authorities in all countries concerned - Kenya, Tanzania, Ireland, and New Zealand, - are happy to let this story die.

However, Trent's friends in Kenya have not forgotten him, and a small memorial service is planned for Saturday, 30 May at 2pm, at the site on Uhuru Highway where his body was found.

Will there be a memorial service in Salthill, Galway again this year to remember Trent? If anybody is aware of arrangements, could you please post details as soon as possible to allow people attend.


sniktawk said...

I am not sure if you have been made aware of the long term thread on Safaritalk regarding this matter, or whether you have seen this document that I recently posted a link to on that thread.

The Safaritalk thread is at

I hope you will see that there are a considerable number of people who support further investigation into these terrible incidents.



Celeste said...

Hello Brian - I got up at 4AM and decided to google Trent Keegan's anniversary to see if anything new showed up about his death, and to see who is remembering him today. Thanks for your writing. I was heartened to read your acknowledgment of this day. It is disturbing to read your comments about the ongoing lack of investigation, and the questions that still remain.

I'm glad to know of the memorial observation you will be having on Saturday, and will be with you in spirit, from here in Philadelphia, USA.

Celeste Hardester, a friend and former flat-mate of Trent's

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