Sunday, February 6, 2011


We had a lovely surprise last week, when an anonymous donor lodged €7,500 to our Harambee Fund.
At the request of the donor, the money will be donated to Our Lady of Nazareth primary school in Mukuru slums to purchase desks, text books, water points and storage tanks, and uniforms for the children, including a new set of scouts uniforms.
The uniforms the children are using now were donated back in 2003, and although they were handed down from generation to generation of children at the school, they have been meticulously cared for and are still in relatively good condition. However, the intervening years have taken their toll, and the new uniforms, along with the other equipment, will be very welcome indeed.
The donation came directly as a response to our YouTube video, at:
If you get a chance to view the video, please pass it on to others, and you'd never know, some other kind and generous donor might contribute to help the children of Mukuru receive a good education - and a real chance in life.

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